Bringing the Arts and Agriculture Together


Have you always wondered what throwing on a wheel is like? Come learn how to throw on the potter's wheel and make a few bowls, cups, vases and other fun items.  Maybe the wheel isn't for you but you really want to be creative. Try a hand-building or sculpture class and make a few pieces to enjoy at home or in your garden. 

At Cedar Oak Farm you can enjoy the views, and have fun with some really cool people too while you learn how to create in clay.  

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Email: Tanya Pohlmann at Tanya@cedaroakfarm.org

Text or Call: (704)750-9821 

8 Week Ceramic Art Classes include:

Ceramics Classes 

Learn Basics of both Hand-building and wheel-throwing then learn the basics of glazing

Class Cost: $330 per participant

8 Sessions

Beginner Ceramics Class

Wednesday Afternoon 2:00PM to 4:30PM (One spot Left)

Friday Evenings 6:00PM to 8:30PM (One spot Left)

Advanced Beginner / Intermediate Ceramics Class

Monday Evenings 6:00PM -8:30PM (Class is Full)

Hand-building Classes

Class Cost: $330 per participant

8 Sessions

Beginner & Advanced Beginner Hand-building Clay Classes

Thursday Afternoon: 2:00PM - 4:30PM 

Wheel Throwing Classes

Class Cost: $330 per participant

8 Sessions

Beginner Wheel Throwing Classes

Monday Morning 10:00AM - 12:30PM (Starting in June)

Wednesday Morning: 10:00AM - 12:30PM (Starting in June)

Friday Morning 10:00AM - 12:30PM - Class Starting May 24th

Advanced Beginner Wheel Throwing Class

Thursday Evening 6PM-8:30PM (Class is Full)

Intermediate & Advanced Wheel-Throwing Class

Tuesday Evening 6:00PM - 8:30PM (One Spot opening in June)

Understanding Glaze Short Course

July 13th & July 20th

10:00AM - 2:00PM

Cost: $175 per participant

One of the best ways of saving money is to make your own glazes. 

This workshop will focus on Cone 5-6 oxidation glazes, slips and engobes

Students are required to bring their own PPE equipment. Mask and Goggles.  

Non-latex gloves are available for use

Participants will make and learn the following

Alternative Glaze Firing Workshop/Class

This class will make forms specifically for firing in a Raku Kiln or Pit Fire..  

3  weeks will focus on making work & 5 weeks will focus on firing work using different Raku techniques.

Saturday Evening 6PM to ... (The Kiln will dictate timing)

May 17th Through 19th - Pit Fire 

May 25th - Obvara Raku Fire

All Firings are weather dependent.

Private Lessons & Group Events 

Call or Email to Schedule

Per Lesson: $190 for up to 2 people and $70 for each additional person

2 Hours of Instruction - (Max 5 participants for wheel throwing)

Pieces will be glazed and fired by the instructor up to 2 pieces per person.

Allow 4 weeks for work to be ready for pickup. 

Hand-Building - Group Events 

Available at your location or on the farm

2 Hours of Instruction allow for 3 hours total.

Allow 4 weeks for work to be completed. 

Email Tanya@cedaroakfarm.org

Phone or Text: 704.750.9821

Instagram: @C.O.F.Pottery

Facebook: Cedar Oak Farm Pottery

Cancellations: Full refund if cancellatiotn is 2 weeks prior to class. 

No refund available if cancellation is less than 1 week prior to class start.

Work not picked up within 90 days will become property of Cedar Oak Farm Pottery and may be donated. 

Unused clay left behind, will be reclaimed. 

Building the Raku Kiln

Setting up the Raku Kiln

The Test Fire Pots

Raku kiln

Meet Your Instructor

 Tanya Pohlmann

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree for both ceramics and sculpture at Colorado State University where I had many really amazing instructors that were a great influence to me.  I went on to pursue a masters degree in fine arts at the University of Hartford. After obtaining my degree, I spent many years in corporate America but continued creating in clay at home. I am now able to combine my love for teaching, ceramics and animal husbandry together by offering pasture board for a few horses, and opening an art center in Fairview, North Carolina - Union County.

I am excited to provide a different kind of environment for people to create art.  For now, the art school will offer wheel throwing, Hand-Building and Sculpture art classes.  In time, I hope to provide space for other artists, and agricultural enthusiasts to create a dynamic community. 


All the best,