C. O. F. 

Bring Art and Agriculture Together

Cedar Oak Farm LLC & C.O.F. Pottery

A place to step away, slow down and enjoy life. You will find horses, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, guinea roo's and honeybees on the farm. When here you will be greeted by dogs, and occasionally a cat or two. The birds will be busy looking for food or playing in the trees. The chickens and guineas might be gracing the front porch to the owners dismay. Feel free to shoo them AWAY! If you are lucky one of our boarders might be here with their horse. 

At the farm we offer limited Pasture boarding for Horses to maintain the grounds and Small group Art Classes. 

Please Click the C.O.F. Pottery Class Schedule in the link below or at the top of the page for class details. 


The long term goal is to grow the farm to be an educational facility for Art and agricultural education.  Future plans include a barn and a community educational garden with space for artists to draw, paint, sculpt, write, meditate or simply just relax awhile.

Cedar Oak Farm LLC

7816 West Duncan Road, Indian Trail, NC 28079 

Phone: 704-750-9821

Email: Tanya@cedaroakfarm.org